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Ahoy! I'm Sage, a Canadian violin-playing RPG enthusiast. I also draw a little and am not especially exciting.

This blog is mostly pretty dresses (classic lolita and historical), art, video game junk, and miscellaneous nonsense (including my OCs :U), but sometimes I post my own art or talk about my life. (Halloween icon is by Tumblr user mediarama!)


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みどぴん詰め by 210


みどぴん詰め by 210

of course, if you're asami, that means az is mako... HAHA JUST KIDDING KORRASAMI 4EVER YOU'RE MARRIED TO THE AVATAR

from joehoofer

What I learned from all this is that apparently Az has elemental powers we were unaware of.

Az confirmed for actual magic user!!!

Wowwww my mirror is really dusty. :u

I’m not sure how visible it is, but I attempted winged eyeliner and will try again at some point. :|b

Wowwww my mirror is really dusty. :u

I’m not sure how visible it is, but I attempted winged eyeliner and will try again at some point. :|b



i like the idea of jaren’s extremely high body temperature making him a prime target for other people getting into his bubble when it’s too cold
guest appearance by Dana's ghostsona

wow this is dated looking but i am still proud of that needlessly edgy toaster

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It took a long time, but thisintermezzo finally made good on her threat to have me compose music for her vampire otp.


It’s based tonally on Final Fantasy IV’s Theme of Love, and I find part of the middle sounds a bit Tales Of-esque, so if you like the afore mentioned music, please listen!!


Ahoy! Since I hit 222 followers awhile ago, I thought I’d do a little giveaway for traditional art. :>

♪ Winner #1: a drawing of one or two characters of your choice (waist-up), colored with Prismacolor pencils or markers, depending on your preference.
♪ Winner #2: an inked lineart of one or two characters of your choice (waist-up) with simple shading.
♪ Winner #3: an inked lineart of one character of your choice (waist-up).

I’ll do fanart or OCs (whichever you like!). I will also mail the physical copy to you! (See my art tag here for more examples.)

- Likes and reblogs both count and you can reblog up to twice for a total of three entries.
- You don’t have to be following me, but if a follower wins, I’ll throw in an extra little something, like a sketch or some stickers.
- Will mail to anywhere in the world. (You need to be okay with giving me your address, though, of course.)
- Please make sure you have your ask box open so I can contact you if you win. You must be able to respond to me within 48 hours or I’ll choose a new winner. :>

You can enter until October 23, 2014, and I’ll choose the winners through a random number generator on October 24!

This is still going on for a few more days! Remember to tag it as being your second reblog if it is, though, so I can count you properly. :>


Blouses with giant sleeves are one of my favourite things


I’ve been working hard on stuff!! But none of it is 100% ready to go yet, so here’s some WIP stuff.

These are all going to be really cool, and I hope you guys are excited, because I totally am!

….I have to go buy a particular shade of lipstick for part of my Halloween costume, but what if I bought eyeliner? I have literally never done winged eyeliner on myself or anything like that and have always sort of wondered what I’d look like.


I’m going to go out with makeup on not in cosplay for… maybe the first time ever??? an occasion which will not likely be repeated anytime soon but i don’t have time to take it off 

My fiancee is really really pretty and I’m super doki!!!