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Ahoy! I'm Sage, a Canadian violin-playing RPG enthusiast. I also draw a little and am not especially exciting.

This blog is mostly pretty dresses (classic lolita and historical), art, video game junk, and miscellaneous nonsense (including my OCs :U), but sometimes I post my own art or talk about my life.


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Edmund Leighton (1852-1922)The Accolade, 1901


Edmund Leighton (1852-1922)
The Accolade, 1901

Every Christmas, Manovuar makes Eel watch "It's a Wonderful Life" with him, which doesn't much interest Eel because it's in black and white and kinda goes over his head, but as compensation Eel gets to make Manovuar watch the Power Puff Girls Christmas Special.

from ecunderbase

I can picture Eel’s “:>” face as he watches the latter, hahaha!

Christmas is probably the only time Ryan is ever actually allowed to wear his dumb Mozart cosplay to formal family dinners, but only because it’s red and is pretty festive in its 1700s-ness.

Yep! Totally normal unicorn, hooves and horn and horseface and all. Only special abilities are obviously magic and speech. (She holds a sword in her mouth until someone makes her a fencing saber that attaches to her horn.)

from aitherion

Oh noooo! I love her! There need to be visual depictions of this unicorn appreciating interior design.

I have a story/group of OCs that I've never shown to anyone, because I want to eventually get that story published.

from rcbirdy

That’s cool! I wanted to do something like that when I was in highschool, but I realized novel-writing is not really one of my strong suits, haha.

Good luck with yours, though! :>

My OC Luna is a unicorn who, despite being a unicorn, is dedicated to becoming the world's greatest swordsman/mercenary, but as this is her first time around humans she's absolutely fascinated by works of art and architecture and spends much of her time wandering around the bases of bandits she's supposed to be taking out complimenting them on their interior design.

from aitherion

Oh no, she sounds cute! So she’s a regular unicorn and doesn’t use magic to make herself human or anything? I like this premise, haha.

I have some unicorn centaur ladies! They mostly do magical forest-lady stuff and make flowers bloom and things like that. They’re also at least a little creepy and like spying on humans. Oops.

One of my rp partners ended up turning my first OC Malecasu into a god XD

from rosespirit

Oops, haha.

I don’t have any god characters, but I do have a malicious fairy with illusion magic!

My OC Celeste has a glass/fake right eye : o

from chaostearkitsune

So does Ryan!! He lost it by being terrible at magic.

I have a 'vampire' oc named Sebastian who only pretends to be a vampire while living in a spooky old mansion so people will leave him alone while he does Science. he's a massive nerd

from cui1

A+ front, Sebastian, hahaha. 

Adrian and Eleanor live in a spooky old mansion because Adrian unironically is a vampire stereotype and because Eleanor is fine with whatever as long as it’s functional and she can still have posters of boy bands (secretly or not so secretly).

tell me a thing about your OC and I’ll tell you a related one about mine

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Happy birthday you wonderful person!

from redmagus77

Thanks, pal! Good to hear from you again! :>